Are you searching for Trisha Fuller International Speaker, a Professional Guest Speaker, Motivational Speaker or Corporate Trainer?

 “Trisha gives concise, how-to information in an action-packed format that keeps the attention of the audience.” ~Scott McFall

Trisha Fuller is an International Speaker and Trainer.  She is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and design their successful future through paid speaking events, corporate trainings, seminars and customized Perceptioneering and advanced life skills courses.

Do you need a speaker for a lunch and learn?

Create custom training sessions for your team during their lunch break.  We can help you develop your personalized short training sessions with innovative engaging content, with quick and effective learning techniques.

Does your staff or employees need unique motivational training opportunities or Continuing Ed credits?

Let’s design a Learning event for your business.  Courses can be as little as 1 hour. Or perhaps you need a more thorough 4 day training?

“Trisha Fuller is an articulate and engaging speaker and presenter; she is also a good listener and session leader. Her message connects with the listener for effortless recollection.” ~Rob Gilgan

Focused trainings can include:

“I have listened to Trisha as a public speaker and had the benefit of taking part in hypnosis sessions over the last few years.  

I can honestly say that her recent talk on “Empowered Minds” at a summer conference in Central Alberta was one that I walked out of and felt truly motivated. Not only did I find the content appropriate and inspiring, but it also gave me the ability to directly apply some of the strategies spoken about. I am certain it also left other members of the audience feeling the same way. The room was instantly interested, entertained, and was learning something new, useful, and inspiring from her talk.

This lady is funny, clearly spoken, talented and insightful and really knows what she’s talking about! During her talk(s) I frantically took notes on things that I could apply to the personal issues I was dealing with. 

Trisha’s level of energy and engagement, geared towards active audience participation combined with interesting and appropriate content, really is another level and I truly feel that her communication skills (both in a personal and professional setting) are excellent. 

Thank you once again for making such a big impact and helping me focus and resolve some of my issues by applying the techniques into my life.”  ~ Kirsten Duncan

“Trisha Fuller is entertaining and knowledgeable at capturing the attention of her audiences. She is a talented teacher and shares her vast knowledge and experience of hypnosis and advanced learning skills through her unique presentations. Trisha inspires individuals and teams into positive actions that benefit all who attend her speaking engagements. If you are looking for a great Keynote speaker, Trisha is an excellent choice.” ~Marge Perry

“I took group training with Trisha and found her to be a very engaging speaker. Her teaching and speaking style is down to earth and effective as she shared stories and metaphors to enhance the learning.” ~Ricky Issler