Hypnosis training is unlike any other training you have experienced. To really learn the art of hypnosis you need to be an active participant! Why do modules online when you can discover how hypnosis can help you and learn to do hypnosis at the same time.

The most magical learning experiences happen when you have the hypnosis done to you and when you can observe the hypnosis technique firsthand. If you can discover more about yourself and create personal change as well as learn hypnotic skills and knowledge you are getting more out of your educational investment!

Our vocational school is a member of the Master Hypnotist Society,  and Master Hypnotist Society Canada  and the Master Hypnotist Society

The Canadian Hypnosis Academy in Alberta offers hypnosis training to become a hypnotist in Canada.   Personal and Professional Business Mentorship and Coaching is also available to help you to have a successful hypnosis business.


Become Successful

You could become a successful professional hypnotist with The Canadian Hypnosis Academy!  Hypnosis classes, clinical experience, and training in Alberta, Canada with an experienced hypnotist, hypnosis instructor, business owner, and trainer.

This vocational school offering advanced hypnosis, exceptional hypnosis training and professional hypnosis instruction and education.  This allows you to have the opportunity for personal advancement, including practical exposure, live training, clinical hours, and practical experience with real clients, mentorship, and coaching and certification exam.

This training is for everyone

This training is for all, not just those aspiring to become a hypnotist. People just like you in nursing, teaching, massage therapy and many other professions have enhanced their careers with hypnotic skills.  The Canadian Hypnosis Academy can help you take your hypnotic skills and talents to the next level or develop new skills in your current industry.


This hypnosis training opportunity is based on the values, attitudes and beliefs taught in the internationally renowned McFall Method of Hypnosis Training, which has helped tens of thousands of people just like you!

If you are curious about how hypnosis training can help you, or you are ready to become a responsible, professional hypnotist that can truly help others then call now to schedule your admissions interview to see if you can be accepted as a hypnosis student of The Canadian Hypnosis Academy  (403-741-8669). (9)

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