*These students have taken hypnosis training for person or professional use. Each student was able to experience gaining their own personal help from the hypnotic and neurolinguistic programming techniques that they were learning and practicing in the hypnosis training!


I was exhausted, drained, unhealthy self-image. I didn’t know how to get out of this funk. Hypnosis training helped immensely! I have some excitement within myself. Better self-image. I have the tools if the need be to get me through some of the tough spots. This basic level training has given more clarity. Ah ha moments!!! Loved it! Now I will live what I learnt. ~Kim Krueger*

I was feeling like a lost soul. Like I had big dreams and goals but I couldn’t even tell you exactly what they were, and I definitely couldn’t tell you how I was going to make them come true. I needed a push – in any direction, but I needed it to be from the “right person”. I say positive things to myself self daily. I actually believe them too! I have created a visual for those times that I need help in letting go of a feeling that is causing me pain or discomfort. I was able to peel back another layer and learn to love myself and want to smile and laugh again! Thank you for helping me get there. I knew

I could, I wanted to…I just didn’t know how or where to start. I have no doubt that hypnosis training will continue to impact my life in powerful ways and I am excited to one day share that gift with others. ~Lorene McMillan*

I came to hypnosis training to learn how to perform hypnosis on others, mainly for Friends and family if they wanted it. The course was more real life practice and less book oriented than I expected. I feel more comfortable than I expected after having practiced the scripts. I would be confident enough to actually perform a hypnosis session. This training wasn’t about staring at a screen or book, or just listening to a never ending lecture. It was a very intense journey. I broke through a couple of big barriers of my own while trying to learn how to help others. ~Cindy Marchuk*

Based on the information I was given regarding this hypnosis course, I expected to learn additional information and usable techniques to future help myself as well as some basic techniques to be able to help some of my close family members. This course was especially valuable in providing hands-on experience with a variety of hypnosis techniques and skills and the opportunity to create changes in myself. I learned a lot about myself that I never knew before. It was nice not to have to spend the whole time taking notes. I also greatly appreciated the intimate group setting and informal teaching style geared to personal student growth. ~Karen*

Hypnosis training has opened my eyes to a new way of working with people who are struggling and motivated me to make change. This training allowed me to learn and practice new skills and to have the confidence to work with people in helping them make changes. This hypnosis training was very well rounded. It provided me with an array of tools and resources in a comfortable and supportive environment. I enjoyed the various approaches that were utilized, including videos and audios, telephone conversations with other trainers in this organization, workbook, as well as practical and hands-on experience. ~Christine Laval*

Hypnosis training has provided me with a new way to help friends, family and potential clients. I was able to see the different techniques being used on my fellow peers. I learnt a lot more about myself and the need to want to help others. The hypnosis training was excellent at giving me hands on experience, teaching me and allowing me to try new techniques. The way the course was taught was beneficial to me as a learner. I needed to be able to try and experience new skills instead of just reading about them and that is exactly what I got from this training! ~Heidi Greenhalgh*

Before hypnosis training I felt lost with no clear direction. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life but not sure if the path was the right one. This training has given me a clearer direction and excitement for this career. I will be able to help people in a shorter more productive time. I have continued to learn and grow and change my perceptions on my own history to make positive changes in my life. Hypnosis training has been amazing and exciting! Each day has been different. Learning new things. One minute we are in a discussion, then we can move on to practicing hypnosis. The learning is fun and dynamic. It kept me interested and wanting more! I just felt really excited and engaged in each step and couldn’t wait to hear and learn more. ~Jolien Miller*

This training is motivational and informative. Training gave me hope and a new outlook and now I have less self-pity. They should teach this in schools!!! ~Traci Urbinsky*

Since the training, every time my husband comes home I am happier to see him. I separate my mood from him without thinking about it. I make sure his mood stays his mood and doesn’t become mine. I recommend this training because it was life-changing and eye-opening! ~Cindy Weber*

This training is motivational and informative. Training gave me hope and a new outlook and now I have less self-pity. They should teach this in schools!!! ~Traci Urbinsky*

This training helped me get rid of the bull $hit! I don’t need to analyze and sabotage myself. Just do what works! This has given me strategies to reach my outcomes. ~Leah Kotanko*

This training helped me realize that I am in my head to much and that I need to focus on what I want instead of what I want to get rid of. I recommend this training because it makes you see things differently and realize how simple things can be. EVERYONE NEEDS TO TAKE THIS TRAINING! There isn’t one person that couldn’t benefit from it! ~Randi Cassidy*

This training is liberating and freeing. The wonder of what could be in my life is amazing! I recommend this training because it is life changing and can give you a whole new perspective on life. ~Lyanne Almberg*

This training will drastically change me, it creates warm sensations in me when I think of the possibilities. I will visualize the outcome and take action. I feel as though my entire mindset has shifted. I am truly grateful for this experience. Many others could benefit from this training. The concepts are eye opening. ~Matt Adair*

This training helped me understand why I have been unwilling to fulfill my goal and now I feel prepared to move towards my goals. ~Trudy Pender*

This training helped me understand a totally different way of thinking. There is no right or wrong way. I think my success will be much easier. ~Linda Schmautz*

I recommend this training because it was very different and interesting. What I took away was I will be chasing an outcome and changing habits. If it doesn’t work I will be ok with failure and then making choices to change my outcomes or readjust it and chase it again. Organize my values, make  detailed lists, take risks, break patterns, juggle often. ~Leah Pollitt*

This is an amazing opportunity. I truly am leaving with a different perspective than when I came. I realize that I had excuses. Now I will work on my weight, myself and my marriage, it is a complete package. I am going to be comfortably thin and excited about my new adventures that my husband and I are going to have. This really does give you a different way of seeing what you have been missing. ~Theresa Kauppi*

I now see where I have to go. I am excited about my journey in my life. I would most definitely recommend this training to anyone! ~Kim Kruger*

This training stopped me from worrying about what people think. I will look good and take compliments. This training opens your mind to think of different ways to get your answers that are not right or wrong and the different actions I will be taking now. ~Pam Merasty*

I would recommend this training so that people can understand that they are living in total disillusionment and that they could also stop worrying about what everyone thinks. This training would help them to stop being in their head. ~Tyann Erikksen*

This training helped me focus on what I want instead of what I don’t want. I know how to get out of my head now and see, hear and feel my outcomes. I understand everyone is ordinary and I am emulating those things I admire in them and not be envious of them. I feel like each example that was demonstrated I could see in my own life or those around me. I recommend this training to help people get out of their heads. ~Michele Pell*

This training has taught me no more excuses! I recommend this training to change your thinking…there might be 1 change or 5, but there will be a change. ~Renee Roth*

The items that I want to do better at are just as easy to change now. ~Duncan Charles*

This training gave me more awareness around what is holding me back from accomplishing the goals I want for myself. I learned strategies on how to get out of my own head and thought patterns. ~Christine Laval*

This training helped me feel stronger. It was worth the 3 days. It will open up your feelings. ~Tom Judd*

This training helped me to have the tools to cultivate healthier relationships. I choose to change. ~Ken Sandor*

This training is an absolute MUST! I wend in mad and came out 100% a believer. What I came for was not in fact what I needed. I am leaving with more useful tools than I have ever had for all areas of my life. ~Stacey Bunton*

This training helped me acknowledge that I have been playing the victim. I felt that I was hurting the most, had to have all the control in order to avoid the pain and was not even looking at the consequences of my choices, beliefs and self-talk was doing to me and those around me. I came here with the intention of being open and vulnerable even if it was going to be uncomfortable. After one exercise the constant nattering in my head was silenced. My mind was for the FIRST time Ever QUIET! This helped me take in what was being said and felt around me, appreciate other’s point of view. Let go of control. I’ve realized even though I’ve had pain that it is in the past. I have been the one hurting myself these last years and I can let go of it. I am now going to honor my mind, body and relationships. Thankyou. ~Heather B*

This training helped me accept myself and stretch my mind to see other’s perspectives and how to anchor the positive experiences I want to continue in the future. I learned 1) Spontaneity 2) Circle of Excellence 3) Self Forgiveness 4) Showing me lots of ways to see other’s perspectives 5) Drop the self-pity ASAP Thank you. ~S Erikksen*

This training I learned 1) if I can’t I must 2) be accountable 3) shut up and listen 4) martyr doesn’t equal goal 5) get out of your head 6) If you think you are committed to an idea or belief, you are not. ~AH*

In this training you should be prepared for anything to happen during these sessions from talking, dancing, animation and comedy. It provides insights to your feelings, your problems. Because of this I will say nicer things to my husband and change the way I react to what my husband says or does. This is an excellent training! I enjoyed it very much! ~Lorraine English*

When I signed up for this seminar I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was all about weight loss. Not realizing that I’d have to change myself and my attitude and relationships to make it work completely. This program is an eye opener. You have to be open to new things. It’s an amazing journey. ~L Ziatz*

This seminar will improve your life and help you to be happy being the wizard of your life. This training will save your marriage!! ~Natasha Usher-Hameluck*

This training helped me to put my wedding ring back on and treat my husband like the knight in shining armour that I want him to be! I will love and respect myself by being thin, eating right, exercising and doing the things I am passionate about. I will love and respect my kids by love and respecting my marriage and myself. ~Stacey Bunton*

This training helped me learn to pay attention to myself and the way and the reasons for my reactions and behavior. This weekend helped me to clarify and let go of past reasons for my behaviours. The presenters were well organized and the presentations flowed well. ~JS Moore*

I highly recommend this seminar. The trainers are wonderful at what they do and don’t talk down to the participants. They know what you are going through. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about myself and for the courage to take steps in improving myself. ~Larua Dennis*

A Very Powerful Weekend!!! A “MUST” TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK ON TRACK! ~Barb Johnstone*

This seminar was eye opening…they could make me see things that I have never seen before…about myself. This taught that I need to be accountable to myself. I would go again in a heartbeat! ~Donna Robinson*

If you are considering attending a training here…RUN, Don’t Walk!!! There are no words that can describe the change you will undergo – IT NEEDS TO BE EXPERIENCED!! ~Tannis LaRose*

I had no idea what to expect from this training. I thought it would help me be thinner. I secretly thought that if I came to this seminar I would get the help with all the other issues I am dealing with. I discovered that I never think about myself at all most of the time. I just fill my day with distractions so that I don’t have to think about myself ever. If you want your life to be redefined and to understand your life, come to one of these seminars. ~Jeannette Parkin*

I had no idea what to expect from this training. I thought it would help me be thinner. I secretly thought that if I came to this seminar I would get the help with all the other issues I am dealing with. I discovered that I never think about myself at all most of the time. I just fill my day with distractions so that I don’t have to think about myself ever. If you want your life to be redefined and to understand your life, come to one of these seminars. ~Jeannette Parkin*

There was so many reality moments in this seminar. Like Wow that is so me, or that’s so close to the situation I am in and just the way I handled it and I was so wrong! I learned to love and not judge others. I also learnt that sympathy is poison. I learnt change is a good thing! I learnt a lot of things I already knew but I wasn’t doing. I am excited to change my attitudes and life style to make a better me and have a happier life! Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! ~Marilyn Ouderkirk*

I came with one reason to attend and left with 2 visions. ~Cristy Franco*

This training taught me to surrender to everything that is not going smooth in my life. Stop the internal dialogue. Look forward and choosing the steps to succeed. ~T Bauer*

I came to this training to supplement my weight loss and got so much more. Relationships, food and self-worth etc. Well worth the time and money! ~Brenda Perry*