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*individual results vary

Keeping it Off

“132 lbs off for over 3 years.  Hypnosis Works!”

~ PD

Are you tired of every fad diet?  Do you struggle with keeping weight off after you have shed it? 

Break the pattern of yo-yo dieting! Discover a new solution for yourself.  Hypnosis and NLP allows you to resolve the mood that caused you to overeat and create new useful solutions and strategies that works better for you.

Eliminate rigid diets and excessive rules.  You need to create your strategies that allow you to succeed. 

The solution, Hypnotic Weight Loss.  Eat less, enjoy it more, find the joy in physical movement and exercise that fits your personal needs. 

Rainbow of fresh fruit & veggies

Our online weight loss management coaching program is different.  You make the rules for your program.  You are a unique individual, and your program is customized to your outcomes.

This highly successful hypnotic weight reduction program has benefited many people just like you! 

Hypnosis for weight loss helps you design a new approach.

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Benefits of Hypnosis Weight Loss Programs Online

Regardless of your location, Regina, Victoria, St John’s, Grand Prairie, Ottawa, or somewhere rural in between. We have been providing online hypnosis for stress, pain management and sleep, across Canada and the US for over a decade!

We are here to help you from the comfort of your home or office. Online hypnosis sessions eliminate the hassle associated to trying to get to appointments on time or commuting to the city if you are in a small town or rural location.

You can have the help you need. We offer a Free Online Interview to see if hypnosis is right for you! It’s fun, and educational and we can test to see if you are able to use hypnosis!

*Individual results vary  

Discover How Hypnosis Helped People Like You!

*Individual results vary  

45 lbs gone in 7 months

“I have tried diet out there, even surgery! The weight came back! I was feeling uncertain, unfocused, anxious, hopeless, and unwell.

With hypnosis I feel energized, confident with myself and my goals.  

I automatically chose to not overeat. I crave water. I crave healthy foods.

I even fee the desire to exercise!

Each hypnosis session and zoom with my coach the greater the success!

I have never had support like this in my life!  I am so glad I decided to do the Free Screening.  I am so glad I am doing hypnosis!”

~Tanya Foidart

Keeping it Off

“132 lbs off for over 3 years.  Hypnosis Works!”


Teacher Drops 55 lbs So Far – Reduced from size 22 down to size 16!

“I am a teacher, mother, and wife. I struggled with weight for 25 years. I hated looking in the mirror.

I was self conscious; I had no confidence and ate large meals. I hated shopping for clothes.

In the past year, with hypnosis, I am halfway to my goal!

I have eliminated 55 lbs and 33 inches. I have dropped from a size 22 or 2 XL down to a size 16! I am more consistent with fitness activities, and I can walk more with out being exhausted.

Daily I focus on having 10,000 steps, I keep track of my food, I consistently eat less and NO binge eating. It is now fun to shop for clothes!

Hypnosis helps me daily. I control my food cravings by being more aware and moving my body to change my mind and I have some water!

With Hypnosis I am more confident. I am better at being clam and being able to relax so that I can sleep.

This program has changed my thinking. My friends compliment me and family asks what I am doing to succeed…hypnosis!

In spite of a series of negative life events I was able to continue to be successful. I still walked 10K steps and ate sensibly.

It took me a month to finally call for the Free Screening. The screening was friendly and full of information.

The cost of the program was much less than the amount of food I was consuming and the cost of bigger clothes!”


Motivation and Sleep

“Before I was struggling with weight gain, lack of sleep, no motivation. I felt stuck and not sure how to get through emotional situations.

With Hypnosis all aspects of my life have seen marked improvement. I’ve lost weight, sleep much better and things that seemed a burden to deal with are so much easier to move past.

I feel more joyful, at peace with life’s trials and tests. I can deal with what life brings my way. I have much more optimism.”

~Gail McLeod

Allison’s Story with Diabetes

“Before hypnosis my diabetes was steadily getting worse. I had progressed to the point where I needed insulin as well as medication.

I worried about managing the illness for the next 40 years. I didn’t know how to convince myself to eat better and exercise.

Hypnosis helped me Focus on the right foods and exercise to balance my blood sugar.

With hypnosis my blood sugars are now under control with less insulin then I started. I also have more energy and optimism about the future.

I am confident that I will be able to maintain the gains I’ve made in my health and confidence.

I’ve always struggled with getting up in the morning and I figured that would continue my whole life.

I was shocked to discover that Hypnosis allows me to wake up easily and get up on time.

That alone is worth every penny!” 

~Allison Weir

Susan struggled with confidence in social situations and pain because of excess weight…here is her story!

“Before I really struggled with self-confidence. I would tend to avoid social gatherings. I had no control over stress and would use this excuse to either overeat or eat poorly, and in my situation, I ate too fast and didn’t even taste my meals. My portion sizes were always too large. I had lots of back pain when I started, I was hoping that losing weight and movement would help. A big thing for me was heartburn and indigestion. I suffered with this daily.

After three months with Hypnosis, I have noticed improvements in lots of areas of my life.

I feel in control of my daily routine. My meals, exercise, stress, seem to happen easier. I feel stronger and less lethargic on a daily basis.

I have been more social and confident when I go out to social events. The choices I make now about health make me feel great!

On the days that nothing goes according to plan I feel calm, and handle change easier.

The walks have dramatically reduce the number of back spasms I have had in the last months. If I have an episode the recovery time is shorter and less painful. I’ve had no indigestion since starting.

Additional benefits is that I am down 28.5 lbs and 15 1/2 inches in 3 months. It has become a way of life for me now and I am very conscious of what I eat and love to get moving!”

~Susan DuPont

Helped Sleep and Feel Comfortable in my Skin!

“Struggles with quality sleep brought me to hypnosis. I was not sleeping well and any sleep that I was getting was not good quality sleep. It was to the point of affecting my mental health. Upon starting the sleep hypnosis sessions I discovered some other underlying issues of stress, negativity and food addiction that were also addressed during sessions. Before hypnosis I was so tired I was going through my days on the verge of tears most of time.

Hypnosis has improved my quality of life. I am sleeping better and have all the tools to help me address sleeping issues on my own in the future. I have lost 10 pounds so far and am now in a physical training program that I love and have reconnected with a past training community that I had lost contact with. I have a much more positive attitude and reduced stress levels and I have found renewed interest in how I dress and present myself to the world. I feel like I have a new face to show and am more comfortable in my own skin than I have been in a long, long time.”

~Dayna Wittal

Crave Less Sweets and Stop Eating when I am Full!

“Before I felt out of control with my eating and not myself. I was not confident in my skin. I was not able to lose weight after having a baby.

With hypnosis I feel in control.

More specifically I crave less sweets and stop eating when I am full!

I am satisfied easier than before.

I never thought I could get over my binge eating, but I am happy to say I am!!

I have lost 9 lbs in 6 weeks and I find it easy to accomplish healthy habits daily.

I loved this experience. Great to have this online. Hypnosis was what I needed! Thanks so much!” 


A Nurse’s Story…Crave vegetables and enjoy working out!

“Before I was lacking motivation, craving unhealthy foods and unsure of where to start.

I was overeating with portion sizes, too large for my needs and justifying some how.

With hypnosis my life is improved! I have fun with exercise, allowing it to become apart of my life now.

Hypnosis has helped me choose foods and portions that suit my needs.

My choices are healthy and beneficial for my body.  I crave vegetables, salad and water!

Hypnosis has changed how I think and feel about myself.

I have increased motivation, exercise is fun, I drink more water. I look forward to working out!

I am mindful of myself talk. I am feeling more confident!

I am down 2 pant sizes already and 23 lbs!”

~ Tyleah, RN

40lbs gone in 7 months.

This is the first time in 10 years that I have weight this little. Hypnosis has helped me I walk past snacks and I didn’t feel like I wanted any or needed any.  I actually lost weight over Christmas, that was a nice change. So far 40 lbs and 23 inches in 7 months.“~ Kelly

30 lbs eliminated!

A Story of Patience…Success secured through Hypnosis!

“I went to hypnosis after gaining a significant amount of weight in a short time.

After managing post partum, I was still coming out of the haze and having a hard time getting the weight off. I worked with Hypnosis for months. I realized early on this is not a quick fix. Their hypnosis methods were helping me retrain my brain and thought patterns in order to make positive changes. And I had years of conditioning to sift through. Through working with the hypnotist, I realized that the program was peeling back the layers that had brought me there. And there were a LOT of them. There was so much to unpack beyond just gaining weight.

The hypnosis brought it all to the surface to release it.

It wasn’t until months in that I started to see results. Because this sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight.

In total that year following I lost 30lbs. I credit my new thought patterns with this success and also a significant increase in my happiness and confidence.

Hypnosis taught me to recognize self deprecating words and thoughts and change the way I thought about myself.

I still listen to my audio recordings now years later. I have people tell me at 49 that I’ve never looked better and now seem to be aging backwards.

I’ve tried lots of weight loss methods before and they worked, for a while. With this hypnosis program it has been nearly two years and I haven’t gained it back!

I look amazing and most importantly I feel amazing. I recommend Trisha and the MHS Hypnosis Weight Loss Program, to anyone that’s SERIOUS about investing in themselves, being happier and losing weight. “

~ Stephanie Rhodes

12 cans of pop a day!!!! Wow!

Learn how Tonya used hypnosis to change her habits!

“First thing in the morning I would open a can of soda pop. I consumed on average 12 cans of pop a day. I constantly ate out. Always fast food.

I was always craving sugar, unhappy with my appearance, and had no desire to go anywhere or do anything.

With Hypnosis I have not had pop or craved soda since I started Hypnosis.

I now drink plenty of water, I cook healthy foods, I go out more and I do different things. I wake up before my alarm and I feel rested.

Additional benefits with hypnosis is that I have stopped other unhealthy habits such as constantly watching TV. I don’t even turn it on. This gives me time to do more productive things in the day.

I now have a better sleep pattern. I don’t always feel tired anymore. And I’m trying new things.” ~Tonya Coburn

“This is a totally different approach to weight loss!

Hypnosis is much, much more of a holistic, all encompassing approach to naturally attaining better health overall!”

Read Nurse Charlene’s Full Story here…

“I was struggling with multiple stressors piling up in my life.

I had reached a point where I had to ask for a prescription from my physician to start antidepressants.

My anxiety was greater than what I had ever experienced before, due to job, personal life circumstances building up, and unexpected life events.

Being in the medical field of work during the past two years has been overwhelming, exhausting and depressing, I am an RN.

Instead Hypnosis has help me see the bigger picture, not just losing weight!

I have been pleasantly surprised that it has reduced my depression and anxiety as a happy side effect.

I have not taken any medication for depression as I am finding, with hypnosis, my mood is improving and anxiety has decreased even though life stresses are at the same intensity, and even in some cases, more intense!

I have noticed with Hypnosis, that I am (without effort – it’s just happening!)

  • Eating slower
  • Drinking more water
  • Exercising more and wanting to
  • Calmer
  • Making better nutritional choices
  • Sitting for every meal
  • Not focussing on dieting, but finding I am eating much better and healthier automatically
  • More aware of how I physically feel
  • Better sleep
  • This does not feel like work!
  • This way of living each day healthier just seems to flow.
  • I noticed little things that I have incorporated without not even realizing it.
  • I have lost weight and inches


This is a totally different approach to weight loss!

Hypnosis is much, much more of a holistic, all encompassing approach to naturally attaining better health overall!”

~Charlene Pfeil, Registered Nurse BSCN