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Do you struggle with performing your best?? Do you replay old memories in your head? Does this effect your confidence?

Hypnosis can benefit athletes, and performers on stage for acting, public speaking, singing and performing musical instruments.

Discover here how people just like you, used hypnosis and NLP techniques to conquer their inner demons and stopped struggling with their fears, phobias, performance anxiety and sports slumps.  Some people even got their dream job!

Success Stories from People Just Like YOU!

“Before, my anxiety would take over in different aspects of life. After a bad experience with my horse, in the alley, at a rodeo. I had a tough time letting go of that memory.

With hypnosis,
I find I rationalize things quite a bit better and have learned to breathe more in competition. I don’t get worked up like I would prior to entering the alley with my horse.

Additional benefits of hypnosis are that I tend to be more patient with things that would have prior caused me stress, in all aspects of life. “

~ Rebecca W

Do you know of an athlete or child in sports like hockey, soccer, football?  Do they need some extra tools to score more goals, or be the best team player they can be?  Hypnosis can help!  All sessions with children will be supervised by their parents, and the parents get to participate as well!

Performance Anxiety – Guitar – Onstage

I was terrified to get up on stage and would experience embarrassing physical signs as a result of that, such as a red face, shaky hands and voice, and would even feel sick to my stomach. It destroyed any enjoyment that I could have received from playing live music.

With hypnosis I am a much more confident person. Now I am not afraid to do things that may make me feel uncomfortable, in terms of being judged by others. I am not afraid of what others might think of me and that has given me freedom to be more authentic. Hypnosis has helped me get into the habit of taking time for myself every day in some form or another.

I am so happy that I took the first steps in eliminating my main issue by calling and doing something about it. I would highly recommend Hypnosis.

~Monique N

Fear Of Wasps and Bugs


My fear of wasps and bugs kept me from engaging in any outdoor activities or willingly going outside at all. I would make my dog wait to go outside. I was completely isolated and afraid to leave my house. If I came across a wasp I would panic and run or freak out.


With Hypnosis I now enjoy being outside, kayaking, taking my dog for walks, camping and family barbecues. I no longer fear going outside. I go for daily personal walks, buy my own well. If I come across a wasp or a bug I no longer feel my heart race and simply move around it and I can just leave them alone.


I learned calming techniques for when my anxiety is at an all-time high, and I learned how to take a second to breathe and react appropriately in stressful situations not just with bugs.   Highly recommend hypnosis!”

~Allie E

Hypnosis helped Denise get her Dream Job! Here’s her story…

“I had trouble sleeping because of stress as well as jaw pain from TMJ issues related to a car accident. It was as though I was taking my stress out on my jaw at night which made my jaw hurt, my sleep was poor and lead to more stress.

With hypnosis my sleep is better. My jaw has not been my main focus of my mind so I don’t notice it being as tight in the mornings and my headaches have been few and far between instead of daily.

One of my main stressors was having trouble finding a job. I got to the point where I wasn’t applying to as many as I could have because I felt the rejection stressing me out more and more as I got them. The hypnosis helped me get past my own self doubt and negatively, and that lead me to go apply for jobs with an open mind and positive attitude. And I just didn’t get a job, I GOT THE JOB!!! It checks off all my boxes and more! Trisha is wonderful to work with. She is a ball of energy, super flexible with schedule and very personable. I would recommend “

~ Denise Varty

“I had crippling confidence issues. I would get locked into internal dialogue over whether or not to follow through and pursue any course of action. I was constantly conflicted by multiple choices and this prevented me from getting started on anything in the first place.

With hypnosis I have managed to unify my thoughts and feelings in a profound way getting me further in my life goals than ever before. I have gained a deep level of self awareness, self respect and self love.

I would highly recommend hypnosis to anyone who is in need of making changes to their life.”

~Timothy Daniel Hudec

Regardless of your location, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Grand Prairie, Medicine Hat, Alberta or somewhere in between. Regardless of your location, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Brandon, Lethbridge, Saskatoon or somewhere in between. We have been providing online hypnosis sessions for performance, sports, confidence and fears across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Proudly serving Canada and the US for over a decade!

*Individual results vary  

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