Hypnosis Training

You can become an expert communicator and increase your confidence and your personal development with this fun and interactive, hands on learning experience.

Become curious about hypnosis and how you can change your life while learning valuable techniques, knowledge and skillset.  This is your opportunity to learn hypnosis, discover your ability to hypnotize people with ease and confidence…And what if you gave your communication and relationship skills a boost as well?

This hypnosis course offers you a whole new world of possibilities for your productive future!  A certified hypnotist can help clients Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress Reduction, Phobia Release, Pain Management (with Physician referral) and much more!  

This hypnosis training is unique from any other hypnosis training.  You will be exposed to superior hypnosis techniques with an emphasis on skill, not endless hours of obsolete information.

Basic Certificate Hypnosis will include:

Unique Training

What personal benefits do you want to attain from your training? Hypnosis is a gateway science and art that harnesses your own personal potential and growth, leading you to a happier and healthier life. You could enhance your life or help those you care about most. But, this is also a unique opportunity for you to better your relationships, improve your personal confidence, increase performance skills or to take your career to the next level…the choice is yours!
Perhaps you haven’t discovered the full benefits of hypnosis yet…this is your chance to do just that! Many of our students were also clients, they achieved specific results with hypnosis. They were in awe of what they accomplished so they took the opportunity to learn more about hypnosis with us.
So what do you need help with? Let’s focus on your personal goals and teach you something new.
Only you know what you need to get out of your hypnosis training. That is why we take the time to find out what you need. Call us for a free admissions interview to discover how we can help you use your hypnosis training for your own personal enhancement, as well as learn new skills to help your clients and even your loved ones!

You mean I’ll Actually Experience Hypnosis?

Yes! You will witness an experienced master hypnotist do hypnosis and you will have the opportunity to have hypnosis done to you. You need to experience hypnosis and know that you were hypnotized in order to be effective at doing hypnosis to others. It is magical to find that your eyelids are stuck shut or that your arm is stuck stiff in the air…there is no better learning than experience!

Since each student is working on their own goals within the training, they are experiencing in real time how hypnosis is applied to real life problems and how hypnosis provides solutions to those problems.  

They also witness how others real life problems are solved using the techniques. Students learn the best through experience, instruction and observation. They are acquiring the learning in three ways, visual, auditory and kinaesthetically which ensures that the learning is fully integrated.

Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

Have you ever taken a course and discovered you learnt something new but….you have no idea how to make it into a successful business? It can be overwhelming and scary when you don’t know where to begin.

Students who are sincere about wanting to build a lucrative business in hypnosis also have a rare opportunity to watch an experienced Master Hypnotist perform real hypnosis sessions with paying clients at Hypnosis for Health and Happiness.

Student learning is enhanced as the student is able to watch and discover how all their learning is applied to a client session allowing all of the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.

Each student who is curious about building a successful hypnosis business has a behind the scenes peel of the inner workings of a busy hypnosis practice. Observation allows each student to understand there is successful model to follow. If you know there is a recipe or roadmap to follow the journey to a profitable business seems more achievable!

The students who are interested in becoming a Professional Hypnotist receive personal feedback on their hypnotic skill, personal growth and business building needs.

So You Really Want to Help Others?

Learning hypnotic technique is only one elements to helping clients get results. Many hypnotists have learnt the art of hypnosis but have no idea how to run a business. Hypnotic skills is just half of the equation. If you are sincere about wanting to build a successful business that has the potential to earn you an executive level income then we can help you with business mentorship and personal coaching!

Learn best practices from an expert who has done it! Eliminate costly mistakes that new hypnotists make with our Mentorship Program. One on one personalized coaching from a Master Hypnotist. Answers to all your questions, marketing, advertising, setting fees, internet, location, office set up, programs, PR and much more.

This is not a course. It is a cooperative partnership between you and your Master Hypnotist. Together you work towards your total success as a practicing professional hypnotist.


Business Building requires Mentorship

➼ Assuming personal responsibility to reach business goals
➼ Accountability to external source
➼ Entrepreneurial skills
➼ Implementation of plan of action
➼ Self-Motivation
➼ Excellent hypnotic skills
➼ True Professionalism
➼ Commitment to Client Outcomes

reap the rewards

Reap the Rewards

Become a skilled professional hypnotist with The Canadian Hypnosis Academy. This training offers you a distinct and real advantage. Be the first choice for people to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress and self-improvement and much more.
➼ Master the skills of hypnosis so you can truly help others.
➼ Own your own business.
➼ Become your own boss.
➼ Set your own hours.
➼ Experience your Independence and Freedom
➼ Personal Prestige

This is your future! You won’t be disappointed. Call now for your Free no obligation training Interview and all your questions will be answered.

Professional Hypnosis Training

Are you serious about learning hypnosis and becoming a professional Hypnotist? Then this is the place you begin!

The Canadian Hypnosis Academy’s provides each student with a unique, personalized training experience that cannot be achieved with online training or home learning.

This setting encourages honing each students’ skills with live personal training. Completion by each student allows them to have the security to use the skills to either enhance their current career or the opportunity to develop their own financially successful hypnosis clinic.

Goals of Training



Hands-on practical and effective hypnosis training skills – actually learn how to do hypnosis on real clients, there is no substitute for experience!



Commitment, accountability, personal responsibility, and self-motivation so that each student has the personal, strength and technical knowledge required.

Skills and ethics

Hypnotic professional skills and ethics.

Enjoy Learning

Ensuring each student enjoys learning in the training and clinical settings.


Opportunity for each student to perform and participate under direct supervision of his/her hypnosis trainer.

Learning and teachings

To provide a complete curriculum and a cutting edge learning experience based on the decades of learning and teachings of Scott McFall and the Master Hypnotist Society.

Basic Hypnosis Training Certificate Course Part 1

Basic Hypnosis Training Certificate Course Part 2

History of Hypnosis

  • Law – what are the laws that govern hypnosis in your area? Hypnotist in your Province/State

  • Ethics – Personal and Professional Hypnosis Ethics

  • Suggestion Structure – How you say it makes a difference!

  • Expanding Hypnotic Experience

  • Ideomotor Response and Techniques

  • Catalepsy

  • Autogentic Training

  • Compounding/ Fractionation/ Deepening


  • Hypnosis for Weight Loss Model Program – Step by step Complete session structure for how to perform a weight loss program proven to offer success. 

  • Self-hypnosis – for you as a practitioner and your client’s!

  • Stress Management – An essential component of any hypnosis program. Learn techniques that work immediately, offering your clients much needed relief.

  • Free Screening – Discover the need for the Free Screening and how to execute a free screening that prepares your client for success and simultaneously clarifies their responsibilities in the process of change.

  • Phone Etiquette – Exact wordings of how to answer the phone and the most asked questions. These scripts dramatically reduce no-shows and transform a skeptical caller into an anxious future client.


  • Endorsements – Effective documentation of client success! 

  • Service Guarantee – What are they and how they are used.

  • Office Layout & Effective Decor – How to design the most effective hypnosis office.


To receive certification, the student must complete the following:

140 hours of training:


Classroom Training & Clinical Hours: 70


Independent Study Hours: 70

Hours must be documented by student in logs provided and student will submit copies of the logs upon completion of training hours.
Upon satisfactory completion of all course requirements, you receive your Certificate of Completion for the Master Hypnotist Society Basic Course.
NGH Certification: This training exceeds the requirements of the NGH Certified Hypnotist curriculum. On completion of your training, you are eligible to receive NGH certification after passing the NGH written exam. ($200 fee).

Call Now For Your Personal Interview

  • 30 hours live classroom training.

  • 40 hours clinical training at Hypnosis for Health and Happiness

  • Dates: Rolling Admission

  • Call now for your personal admissions interview.

  • Limited space to maximize your learning experience- so register early!

  • Admission Requirements: Prior to admission, students are required to complete a submission questionnaire and attend an interview in-person or by phone. To register 403-33-HYPNO (403-741-8669).

  • The Canadian Hypnosis Academy, Trisha Fuller and the Master Hypnotist Society Canada reserve the right to refuse any student based upon scheduling and availability of Trisha Fuller as trainer/instructor.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • If you are unable to attend the training dates you registered for, you may attend another training to fulfill missed hours.  No refunds for missed training.

  • We strongly encourage all hypnosis students to complete their independent study hours and assignments within 6-8 weeks to maximize their development, learning and skills.  Assignments must be finished and submitted to The Canadian Hypnosis Academy within 2 years from the beginning of training for students to be eligible for certification.