The Inside Story

No one Starts as a Hypnotist

You probably have life experience that would make you a good hypnotist. You might have worked in sales, in health care, childcare, as an accountant, therapist or even raising children…regardless of what you used to do, those jobs gave you knowledge and experiences that create a useful foundation as a hypnotist. Hypnosis is the type of career that requires some previous life experience, the more you have the better!

My story with hypnosis begins with desperation.  I was desperate to find a solution to having a baby without enduring medical procedures, interventions and unnecessary surgeries.   I was on baby number three. I felt broken. I was mad at my body for letting me down. I was exhausted chasing two toddlers around and extremely anxious because according to my medical history I would have to endure another C-section for the birth of our third child.

Now you might say that I am a little stubborn…but I refused to believe that my body was unable to have a baby naturally.  I was determined to show them that I could. I found myself an amazing midwife and searched for a solution to help me deal with my emotions and create the birth we wanted.  I found a program called Hypnobabies. This complete prenatal education program and hypnosis for childbirth was unlike any of the other hypnotic childbirth programs I had used before.  It was amazing! And I scored amazing results with harnessing the power of my mind! And I did achieve a natural childbirth. Completely free from medical intervention and all on my own!

Hypnosis restored my faith in myself.  Restored my self-confidence. (And coincidently helped me quit smoking at the same time).  I was elated that I succeeded with my birthing wishes.

Going back to work after my maternity leave, to the medical field as a Laboratory and X-ray Technician, was challenging.  The work wasn’t the problem. It was that I couldn’t really help those that came to the hospital. I had learnt with my hypnosis course for childbirth, to think differently, and I couldn’t go back to the way that I thought before.

I began to branch out my skills thinking it would sate my desire to help.  I become a First Aid and CPR Instructor with Red Cross and an Instructor with Heart & Stroke.  I discovered that I loved teaching and that it was fun!

But, I still wasn’t sated.  I began taking hypnosis training and became the first Albertan Instructor for Hypnobabies.  I then finished my Registered Hypnotherapist. In 2011, I left the medical field after 13 years and opened my first clinic, in my local town of Castor. Everyone thought I was crazy giving up my career…for HYPNOSIS!?!   Since then I have also had locations in Edmonton and Red Deer.

Introducing the Master Hypnotist Society

In 2013, by divine intervention, I ended up at a Master Hypnotist Society, Hypnosis Boot Camp.  I knew no one and to this day I really don’t know how I ended up there. But, it was meant to be and I have been with the Master Hypnotist Society and under Scott McFall’s mentorship ever since.  2015 is when The Canadian Hypnosis Academy, a division of the Master Hypnotist Society Canada was created.

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You & The Canadian Hypnosis Academy

Trisha Fuller

Director, Trainer, Instructor
The Canadian Hypnosis Academy

Hypnosis for Health and Happiness

You are here because you are curious of the unique opportunities that hypnosis offers you.  Hypnosis is an influential tool that you can use to create your own business in a cutting edge industry that offers real change for people. You can discover your potential in a new and exciting career or you can enhance your current job with hypnotic skills.  You are searching for the best hypnosis training available.

At The Canadian Hypnosis Academy we are passionate about you discovering the full benefits that hypnosis and hypnosis training can provide.  We are excited to offer you this journey through experiential learning, observation and personal feedback. You learn hypnosis for real, with real people.  Hands on training offering you a unique learning opportunity where you can experience personal change and develop new skills.

If you are bored with traditional classroom and book learning…If you are open to receive constructive feedback on your skills…If you are willing to change and discover your potential…If you are looking for a different perspective…Then this training might be right for you! 

Call now for your Free admissions Interview.  

Video Testimonial

Comments From Students

Here is what some of our hypnosis training and mentoring students have to say about their experience with the Master Hypnotists Society Canada and The Canadian Hypnosis Academy…

“I came for the Basic Hypnosis course.  We had lots of laughs, lots of serious times.  We learnt an incredible amount. It was a perfect balance of doing actual hypnosis and learning about the hypnosis.  I highly, highly recommend this course.” ~Bev Sliger

“What attracted me to this training the most was the desire to learn and acquire new skills in dealing with my own behaviour and the people around me.  Even more importantly was seeing hypnosis in action with my own eyes, seeing the impact it has on me and the clients. It helped me understand we all go through similar struggles in life.  The desire to gain confidence, creating lasting motivation, becoming fit, healthy and strong, giving up additions like smoking, negative thinking, or even dealing with an unpleasant feeling.

This course gave me the gifts of knowledge and practice, the 2 most important requirements in discovering a new power and creating lasting change.  The use of my new acquired skills is virtually unlimited. I can use it for myself to create freedom, fully express who I am, feel secure and create whatever I desire.  I can also use it to help my family, my friends, community or my business. In the end I am only limited to my creativity.

“I feel like I go way more than what I paid for.“ ~ Silviu Cocosila 

“It was the best 4 days!  I have learnt techniques that I have already use on people…and they work!  And I can see myseld doing this as a business”.  ~ Colleen K 

“Everything was different about the introduction to hypnosis…and now it is challenging me to step out of my comfort zone.  I was quickly intrigued in hypnosis by the changes I was able to make after my sessions. But the thought of sitting in a classroom for hours and days was really quite daunting to me. When I finally did join a course with in the first 10 minutes I was excited and I realized that this might actually be different!    We literally ripped the band aid off so to speak.  And I didn’t have time to create doubt in myself, or doubt in the course, let alone think what I was going to cook for supper that night., or what my schedule look like next week…I was fully engaged.  The teaching techniques were super unique.  And they worked for me, for sure! I quickly gained confidence and a new ability to focus.  And as silly as that may sound that was a HUGE moment for me! So if you are considering taking this course I would highly recommend it.  Even if it is for your own personal use.  You won’t be disappointed. If I can do it…so can YOU! “ ~ Lorene McMillan

“I came for the Basic Hypnosis course.  We had lots of laughs, lots of serious times.  We learnt an incredible amount. It was a perfect balance of doing actual hypnosis and learning about the hypnosis.  I highly, highly recommend this course.” ~ Bev Sliger

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