The training for a course in hypnosis is 32 hours. Advanced course will require more hypnosis training.

Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Stress Management, Pain Management (with Dr referral), Confidence, Performance Enhancement, Motivation, Phobias, behaviour modification, fears, anxious feelings, mood enhancement, childbirth, sleep and more.

Yes, every location needs professional and commercial liability insurance. Based on the rules in your state and province (each location has to be researched by you separately) you may need more or less.

You will require both of the Basic Hypnosis Courses 1 & 2.

Real life Clinical observation and practice. Being in a live functioning hypnosis clinic where you get to hone your skills with real paying clients. Witness client success. View techniques and session structure with Master Hypnotist/Trainer.

Yes! This is the most important aspect of hypnosis training…you need to experience and change something within you in order have the confidence to effectively help others.

Yes! You will do hypnosis on the very first day of class!

Most people take this training to help the ones they love the most, their family. The skills hypnosis teaches allows us to become an expert in people reading and communication. 93% of communication is nonverbal. This hypnotist training allows you to expand your skills to enhance any career, cultivate new relationships, and strengthen your family dynamic.

Nursing, teaching, massage, any sales person, real estate, acupuncture, ask if your career can benefit and I would be happy to show you how.

You will be exposed to superior hypnosis techniques with an emphasis on skill, not endless hours of obsolete information.

Enrich your relationship. You learn the ability to understand human behaviour and relationships. Techniques to ensure that your message is conveyed to those you are communicating with. Elicit personal growth and change so that you are better prepared to chase your own personal goals and outcomes.

The in class portion of training focuses on live skills and experiences. Just like the real world. There aremany reference materials to back up your hypnosis practice that we will provide for you. But, classroomtime focuses on experience. Experience is king!

Yes, we are a licenced vocational school in Canada and a receipt can be provided for tax purposes.

Approximately 32 hours is the amount of time it takes to receive basic NLP.

These hours are completed in the clinic with real clients in real time with observation and feedback from your personal trainer.

There are 32 hours of class time to receive basic hypnosis 2.

Mentorship is done on an annual basis. Most successful businesses have ongoing mentorship. As a business for example, I have been in personal mentorship for 7 plus years. Being accountable to an outside experienced resource is essential to notice where you can improve your hypnosis practise plus having someone to find out the answers and best methods from those who have experienced more. Even international experts have their own mentors

Increase sales income by securing more clients through proven intake strategies. Improve client outcomes. Become a skilled master hypnotist.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist is only a guide. You are always in control and leave hypnosis whenever you like

You will be assessed prior to hypnosis training to make sure that you are a good hypnotic candidate. Most of the population can be hypnotized with the exception of those who have mental disability, those who are drunk, and those who want to prove that they cannot be hypnotized. If you don’t want to, you won’t be.

Close your eyes and pause for 10 seconds, open your eyes…that’s a lot like what hypnosis feels like. You should not expect to black out. Hypnosis is magical, and cool things like having your eyelids lock shut can happen…but, you will be aware, everyone experiences it differently. You are not asleep, it is deeper than meditation, this is more than guided imagery, you do not black out.

Hypnosis is the ability to focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else. Your ability to focus and pay attention to directions is essential. This is achieved through relaxation, fixation and repetition. This bypasses the critical faculty between the conscious and subconscious mind allowing suggestions to be easily accepted in the subconscious, the feeling brain, where real change can take place. Belief, expectation and imagination are crucial to having a hypnotic experience. You have been there before watching a movie, listening to your favourite speaker, when you don’t remember the last few miles of a drive. Hypnosis is normal, but at the same time quite magical.

No. Hypnosis will not release or free up any information.

No, just a way to focus your mind so that you can accomplish your goals and outcomes.


Students of the Master Hypnotist Society operating a hypnosis clinic can make over six figures. There are also others who prefer to use hypnosis as a hobby. You set your income goals and the training and mentorship help you reach your financial success.

Call or email to book your free admissions interview to see if this type of training is right for you. 403-741-8669 learnhypnosis@outlook.com