Stop Smoking Hypnosis

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Have you tried to quit smoking but fail?  Are you embarrassed how dependent your life is on a cigarette?  Are you frustrated at the thousands of dollars $$ burnt up in smoke?

Solution, Hypnosis. 

Change your perception and perspective.  Focus on the outcomes you desire and get the results you need.  Hypnosis has proven to be highly effective for stop smoking and smoking cessation programs.

What if you could wash away a craving?  What if moving your body helped you change your mind about smoking?  Could you benefit from reducing your stress daily so you didn’t really on smoking to relax you?

If you said Yes to any of these questions…

Benefits of Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis Online

Regardless of your location, Regina, Victoria, St John’s, Grand Prairie, Ottawa, or somewhere rural in between. We have been providing online hypnosis for stress, pain management and sleep, across Canada and the US for over a decade!

We are here to help you from the comfort of your home or office. Online hypnosis sessions eliminate the hassle associated to trying to get to appointments on time or commuting to the city if you are in a small town or rural location.

You can have the help you need. We offer a Free Online Interview to see if hypnosis is right for you! It’s fun, and educational and we can test to see if you are able to use hypnosis!

*Individual results vary  


Stop Smoking and Entered Body Building Competition!

“I tried multiple times to quit smoking and was unable. With hypnosis I finally Quit Smoking!

My life is improved, I have more energy, quit snorting and my family is super proud and excited to see me not smoking!

Additional benefits is that I’m motivated to exercise! I am down 6 lbs.

I have ordered my home gym and have entered a body building competition for later this year. And this all happened because of 1 session with Stop Smoking Hypnosis. Amazing!!”

~Rob Mundle

“With hypnosis I am finally a non smoker! I never thought hypnosis would work, nothing ever has before.  With hypnosis I truly have no desire to smoke again.  Thank you for the online support through this journey.” 

Jenny H

Quit Smoking and lost Weight!

“I had shame from smoking for 20 years. I smelt bad.  My son criticized me.  There was a huge loss of money.  I also struggled with diets, buying bigger clothes.  Result, I was sad and depressed.

With hypnosis I am Smoke Free! And no more sugar cravings! With hypnosis I am saving money now, my son is happy, I am losing weight about 5 lbs already. I have motivation.”~

Antoniya P

I was hooked on Cigarettes!

“I was feeling hooked on dirty cigarettes. I was

suffering with self doubt, lacking confidence, and stuck in victim mode.

With hypnosis I have comfortably quit smoking! Gained confidence and making new brain connections to create a better version of myself.

Hypnosis is helping me heal from childhood trauma. With hypnosis I have gained peace and the ability to live in the present moment.”

~Jessica Peters

Slowly Decreased During the program…and that’s OK!

“I never quite understood what hypnosis was all about.  In desperation to quit smoking, I made an online Free Screening appointment.  Immediately after my first session I drastically cut my smoking in half without any effort. 

Fast forward to my 2nd session, I noticed that I barely wanted to smoke and felt equipped with the power to quit.  In the past, I had made many attempts to quit smoking.  I had been smoking for nearly 17 years. 

Hypnosis has allowed me to unlock my inner strength and understanding that smoking is a choice and it’s as simple as choosing not to smoke.  I found that I was given tools to help navigate my cravings and still feel in control of my life so that I didn’t succumb to reaching for a cigarette. 

The nice thing about the hypnosis is that it is catered to what motivates you and your individualistic belief system around smoking.  I felt validated in that my fears of quitting smoking were just thought patterns that I had created over the years. 

In only 3 short sessions online I have become very successful at cutting down my smoking to once a day!  And now I will let go of that cigarette too!” 

~S M

“I quit smoking with hypnosis and saved enough money to buy a boat!  I highly recommend hypnosis!”

~Jason Christie

“I quit smoking after 45 years.  With Money saved I have bought a new Harley!”

~ Gord McLean

“I Quit Smoking with Hypnosis after 25 years! I am happier. I am calmer. I feel in control of my feelings. The hypnotist was able to adapt to my needs and read my moods! It’s obvious that she cares about my success!”

~Lisa Pakish

“I smoked for more than 50 years! With hypnosis I stopped after the first session! I was concerned about irritability, but the hypnosis addressed it and I didn’t feel like I needed to lash out . Hypnosis quashed any strong desires for a cigarette and made Quitting less stressful.”

~Marty Eberth

“It Feels so Good to be Free!”

“ I have struggled with quitting smoking for years. It became more than just a habit. I didn’t think I had the confidence to even try to quit.

With hypnosis I am smoke free! With NO CRAVINGS! I have improved confidence and I feel I have control of my life.

I have so much more money in the bank!!! I also have better life coping skills and have learnt to calm myself when emotions are heightened.

Thank you for the hypnosis and so much more!! It feels so good to be free!”