Stress, Sleep, Pain, and Anxiousness

The struggle is real.  If you are chronically dealing with little to no sleep and extreme stress, the side effects begin to seep into other parts of your nervous system, emotions and daily activities.  Resulting in nervousness or anxious feelings, depression, and pain. 

If you have Chronic Pain or fibromyalgia, have you heard of the “Fear, Tension, Pain Cycle”.  You fear the pain, the thought of the pain intensifies the pain in the mind.  Causing tension the body causing, then causing more pain.  Result, this causes increased stress and stress hormones.  Depressed moods and often anxiety and insomnia. 

So what can you do? Hypnosis!

You cannot produce stress hormones in the state of hypnosis!  Which means the more you practice hypnosis the more your stress goes down!  The “Fear, Tension, Pain Syndrome” can be stopped with hypnosis.  You utilize the power of your mind to change the responses in the body.

If you are struggling to reach the help you need with sleep, stress, pain or anxiety, because of your time or location, Online Hypnosis sessions may be a solution for you!

Helping people Online for over a decade across Canada and the US

*Individual results vary  

*a medical Doctor referral may be required. We are happy to provide the form for your physician to sign

“With hypnosis I am now able to go back to sleep after waking up. I even sleep thru the night a couple of times per week!

I have more energy, less tired, and stress management techniques!

Hypnosis has helped with my sleep issues!” ~ Bill Hogg, Associate Broker

Video Testimonial


“With Hypnosis I was able to eliminate over 20 pounds and 20 inches.

I used to have chronic joint pain and fatigue as a lab and x-ray technician.

And now I have a desire to move my body every day. It keeps my joints stretched out and limber and it clears my mind. It has become a daily routine and a positive habit that is engrained in my mind.

Additionally at my mood at Work as a lab and X-ray tech has improved. My mood has worn off onto my co-workers. Their mood has also improved.

The perception that I have and flipping my attitude has worn off on them.

I have noticed when drawing blood from children, that I have incorporated a lot of the hypnosis techniques. This has improved their perception of the experience and therefore they want to come back, it’s a positive experience for them.

I continue to have fun and curiosity with hypnosis and I look forward to the new goals I set and enjoy meeting them.”

~Andrea Heilman, CLXT

Benefits of Hypnosis Training for Lindsay

Reduced anxiety

Feel more relaxed and calm

Skills for parenting

Better relationships

Skills for work

Be able to help other people

“ Hypnosis training has helped me feel more relaxed and calm. It has relieved my anxiety. I can now see where I want to go in life and how to help people Hypnosis has helped, me be a better parent, better relationships, skills for work, and I now have tools to help others, Hypnosis training has allowed me to feel very comfortable and increased confidence.”

~Lindsay Mansell

Pain and Family Stress

“I used to experience pain daily in my feet. It was very uncomfortable, I couldn’t walk as much as I used to. Working with hypnosis training, and working on myself, I have discovered that the pain is totally gone. It’s a happy side effect, a wonderful side effect of being able to learn hypnosis.”

Prior to training I had a tendency to be complacent, stuck, not going forward. Inability to separate family drama from my own responsibilities. I was not planning anything for my future. I was living precariously through others.

Now with training I feel I have new skills in dealing with stress. I see I can use the techniques learned with this course in dealing with people. Recognizing their view, how they deal with issues, not categorizing who they are, but what drives them.

Hypnosis will improve my life, in each way I view life. I am motivated to use hypnotism to relieve stress, manage pain down to being “uncomfortable”. I use the techniques to change the situation – move out of moods that do not benefit me.

My favourite part of training was the ability to practise on others, understand what works for them, what they see, feel, and hear. I was amazed how each time I felt different going under hypnosis!

This program was so beneficial to me and filled the thirst for more learnings! I want to now take the NLP program!”

~Gail McLeod

“Before I struggled with boundaries and feeling satisfied with life. This caused me a lot of stress.

With hypnosis training I will say no and be congruent with my actions, thoughts, and words. I will feel less stress. I will set and maintain boundaries.

My favourite moment was everything! I loved how this seminar I really learnt about and expanded on myself and my needs. Prior to hypnosis training I was always putting everyone else first. Now I see I can only truly help other by taking care of myself first.”

~Kelsey Ponomor, RN

“~ Immense Stress Relief

 ~ Communicating way better

 ~ Being a better Parent and a better Dad!”

~Stephen Corkum

“Before I suffered, I was always stressed and angry.

With Hypnosis I manage and control stress and anger. I don’t let things bother me as much.

Additional benefits of hypnosis is that my work and family life improved”

~Mark Gutfriend

Sleep – Phone/Online Sessions

I could not fall asleep and suffered with insomnia. With Hypnosis I have steps to calm myself down, control my anxiousness and allow me to fall asleep and even if I don’t sleep, it allows me to rest for 30 min, which feels like 8 hours of good sleep. I have been able to control my anxiousness and anxiety with controlled breathing methods and relaxing my mind. Trisha has helped a lot from creating a program for myself and by being forward enough to show me to look to the future and not the past.

~Jarret R

Regardless of your location, Regina, Victoria, St John’s, Grand Prairie, Ottawa, or somewhere rural in between. We have been providing online hypnosis for stress, pain management and sleep, across Canada and the US for over a decade!

*Individual results vary